Spider Cranes

Due to their compact dimensions and flexibility, Spider Cranes provide a highly-effective solution in a wide range of applications including Glass Installation and Steel Erection in confined areas.

Clark Cranes have selected the Jekko range of Spider Cranes for their superb build quality and ease of operation. Jekko Spider Cranes are extremely compact, allowing access where space is at a premium. They also offer the flexibility of a choice of power supply, diesel or electric.

These incredible machines are capable of lifting up to 6,000 Kg with boom lengths up to 25m. If in doubt about your precise requirements, please do not hesitate to ask.

Indicative specifications only - please refer to detailed specification sheets.

Please note: Length/width/height dimensions are stowed dimensions (mm).

Machine Max Lift
Max Load Length Width Height Crane
Jekko SPD 265 6.5m 5.9m 1200kg 2500 800 1700 1700kg specs
Unic URW 295 8.4m 8.41m 2900kg 2905 600 1380 2090kg specs
Jekko SPD 360 9.3m 7.7m 1800kg 3100 800 1990 2200kg specs
Jekko SPD 500 10.9m 9.7m 1800kg 3666 1100 1940 2800kg specs
Unic URW 376 14.9m 14.45m 2900kg 4340 1300 1800 3850kg specs
Jekko SPX 527 16m 11m 2700kg 4225 1100 1958 3700kg specs
Unic URW 506 16m 15.52m 3700kg 4870 1400 2035 4840kg specs
Unic URW 706 19.5m 18.6m 6000kg 7610 1600 2185 7920kg specs
Jekko SPX 1040 22m 13m 4000kg 5304 1400 1976 5000kg specs

Spider craneSpider crane